The Android system is an open source and fully free operating system. This system is designed for touch devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart screens.
The Android operating system was developed by Google and is considered the most selling system since 2013 for tablets. As for smartphones, we are talking about a complete sweep of the market.
The most distinguished feature of the Android system is the Google Play application store, as the number of applications in the store in 2012 was estimated at 675,000, and the number of downloads amounted to about 25 billion.

Companies that use the Android operating system
There are many companies that use the Android operating system in their devices
Among the most famous of these companies are Samsung, Sony, HTC, 
Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, OPPO, and LG.
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Android versions
-Gingerbread: this version holds 2.3 the user interface has been updated to make it easier and more flexible to work and has added several features, including a responsive and easy to use keyboard in addition to improving game performance and support for (SIP) Session Initiation Protocol.

-Honeycomb: this version holds 3.0 and it is one of the most important features that it facilitates the work of the user interface and support for multi-core and also support for large screens to work without problems, Several updates were issued for this version, including update v3.1 and v3.2

-Ice Cream Sandwich: this version holds v4.0 in this version, the Android system was provided with the feature of facial recognition in addition to improvements at the level of networks.

-Jelly Bean: this version of the Android operating system carries several updates and is called the following numbers v4.1.2, v4.2.2 and v4.3 in this version, speed has been greatly improved, and Voice Search has been added.

-Kitkat: It was released with the following numbers v4.4.2 and v4.4.4 the Android system has been completely improved in terms of speed and compatibility of applications in addition to strengthening protection.

-Lollipop: It holds both versions v5.0 and v5.1.1 in this version, the user interface was changed in addition to enhancing the features of the developers.

-Marshmallow: this version holds v6.0 or v6.0.1 the operating system has significantly increased speed and added new features.

-Nougat: this version holds v7.0 or v7.1.1 this release is called N. In this version, the user experience has been enhanced, speed is improved, and protection is improved

-Oreo: this version holds v8.0 or v8.1.0 the battery performance has been improved in addition to minor changes in the user interface.

-Pie: this version holds v9.0 It is one of the modern operating systems and is the ninth version of the Android system.

-Q: Holds the number v10 it is the latest operating system from Android and upgrades are gradually being sent to devices that support this system.