Fix DM-Verity (DRK) Galaxy J4 SM-J400M FRP:ON OEM:ON

What is the DRK or DM-Verity for device j400m

DRK Is an acronym DIVICE ROOT KEY It is an encrypted number for the device and It is positioned when manufacturing by Samsung.
When we turn on the device, the device checks this encrypted number to check if the system is original or not.
Fix DM-Verity (DRK) Galaxy J4 SM-J400M FRP:ON OEM:ON

Reasons for the appearance of DRK problem

This problem occurs when we flash the ROM that does not match the device in terms of the version Bashband, Or when flashing a custom ROM by a custom recovery (TWRP) Or by the stock rom For example, Stock ROM but a language has been added to it In this case, the encrypted number will check the status of the system When the system does not match the number, this error will occur, A red write will appear in the recovery mode (dm-verity Verification failed).

Problems resulting from DRK / DM-Verity

-Stop at the Samsung logo.
-Automatic boot to the recovery mode.
-Restart the device.

Information about supported devices

Device:Samsung Galaxy J4
Protection: FRP:ON / OEM:ON / RMM or KG:Prenormal
problems and solutions: Fix DRK J400M FRP ON

Warning before starting

-Charge the device battery to a level above 50%.
-Download the files according to the type of device and must not differ any characters.
-Agree that all steps are at your own risk.

Important tools to fix drk

DRK Files: FIX DRK - dm-verity Failed Frp ON RMM ON
SM-J400M U8 9.0: Paid
SM-J400M U9 10: Paid
SM-J400M UA 10: Paid
SM-J400M UB 10: Paid
SM-J400M UC 10: Paid
SM-J400M UD 10: Paid
SM-J400M UE 10: Paid

Firmware Files

How To Flash Fix DRK J400M:

1-Download Firmware and Extract by 7z or WinRAR.
2-When extracting files, rename the file AP_J400M Then delete the extension .md5
3-Open AP File then Extract the system file.
4-Now create an archive of the system file that we extracted previously by a program 7z.
5-Choose the file format .tar Then, create the file.
6-Download Fix Drk file.
7-Now we have two files (DRK File,SYSTEM.tar File).
8-Boot your phone to Download Mode(press Volume Down + Home + Power button).
9-Open Odin Tool and wait to get a blue sign in Odin.
10-Add the DRK File to BL.
11-Do NOT tick any extra boxes.
12-Click the start button, wait for Odin to say 'PASS'.
13-Boot your phone to Download Mode again.
14-From odin tool Add the SYSTEM File to AP.
15-Click the start button, wait for Odin to say 'PASS'.
16-Then the device will work without problems.
17-In case of any problems please Contact us.