Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986B Combination Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986B Combination Firmware

About Combination firmware:
All Samsung files (Factory Binary) can be found here for most Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
What is the meaning of the combination file? When Samsung cell phones are manufactured, they are scanned with combination files to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed before the phones are released.
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986B Combination Firmware

Advantages of using Combination

Samsung Galaxy SM-G986B Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Combination Firmware au is a stable program for complex and sophisticated tasks. You can flash the mobile using this developer program to conduct a test that shows you the results of the phone check. It is really important that this particular rom Samsung G986B can:
1. It allows you to use ADB or USB debugging on your Samsung device af.
2. It is extremely beneficial for technicians to thoroughly inspect the hardware of your unit.
3. It assists you in resolving the boot looping problem (stuck on the Samsung logo).
4. The combination file will assist you in resolving several issues with ROMs that you are unable to load.
5. Bypass/Remove RMM Protection.
6. Bypass MDM (For some devices).

Important notes:
1. You need an E-Token file to be able to flash the file
2. The RMM/KG State protection must be (Checking) in download mode.
AP Binary Price
G986BXXU1ATG1 Binary 1 10$
G986BXXU2ATG2 Binary 2 10$
G986BXXU3ATG3 Binary 3 10$
G986BXXU4ATG4 Binary 4 10$
G986BXXU5ATJ1 Binary 5 10$
G986BXXU6AUA1 Binary 6 10$
G986BXXU7AUC7 Binary 7 10$
G986BXXUBAUI1 Binary 11 10$
G986BXXUCAUJ1 Binary 12 10$
G986BXXUDAVA1 Binary 13 10$
G986BXXUEAVD1 Binary 14 10$
G986BXXUFAVH1 Binary 15 10$
G986BXXUGAWC1 Binary 16 10$
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How To Flash Combination firmware File

  • Download Drives Samsung Galaxy USB, Odintool, and Combination.
  • Setup driver on your pc.
  • Extract the Combination rom By 7z or WinRAR You should get 1 file (Combination_G986B).
  • Boot your mobile to Download Mode (Volume Down + Volume Up and connect the Type-C USB cable to device).
  • Open Odin Tool and wait to get a blue sign in Odin (com).
  • Add the file Combination to AP.
  • Do NOT tick any extra boxes.
  • Click the start button to flash, and wait for Odin to say 'PASS'.

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