How to fix SafetyNet in easy steps

Since the Android operating sys universal is made by Googl, which distributes versions to mobile phones companies, and through them, we instal applications from the Google Play Store, which need the Google Play services package to work without problems.
Here comes Safety net, which is related to Google Play services and its mission is to monitor the operating syst, collect data, and send reports to Googl when modifying anything in the operating syst. An example of this: flashing Custom files, root, or Custom recovery.
Whereas, when modifying the Android operating sys, whether by rooting the mobil or other files, the Safety Net system will report an amendment to the file and folder permissions and immediately classify the sys as a custom system.
After SafetyNet detects that there is an Andro mod, it will send data to the appl and tell them the mobil is secure, so that non-rooted appl like Android Pay or Snapchat cannot be opened in the mobile.
I think everyone knows what Safety Net is and now we're coming to ways to solve the Attestatiom failed (basiclntegrity-cts Profile).
How to fix SafetyNet in easy steps
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