Full Firmware For Device Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SM-F7210

Download firmware Galaxy Z Flip4 SM-F7210

All of the most recent firmware files for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SM-F7210 can be found here.
All the firmware we provide are official from Samsung Cloud Server.
Full Firmware For Device Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SM-F7210

The problems can be fixed by installing the firmware

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SM-F7210 stock firmware/ROM(4files/5files).
1. Upgrade/Update Samsung galaxy android Version and security patch for all months Oct, Apr, Jul, Jun, Sep, Jan, Mar and Aug.
2. Removing the root.
3. Unbrick the device, Samsung logo and reboot continually.
4. Unlock the Samsung Password, Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint, and Face lock.
5. Wipe data, wipe cache and hard reset.
AP Version
F7210ZCU1AVGH v12
F7210ZCU1AVHH v12
F7210ZCU1AVHI v12
F7210ZCU1AVIG v12
F7210ZCU1AVJ5 v12
F7210ZSU1AVHH v12
F7210ZSU1AVIG v12
F7210ZSU1AVJ5 v12
F7210ZCU1BVK5 v13
F7210ZSU1BVK5 v13
F7210ZSU1BVL9 v13
F7210ZCU1BVLA v13
F7210ZSS1BWA2 v13
F7210ZCU1BWAA v13
F7210ZCU1CWB5 v13
F7210ZSU1CWB5 v13
F7210ZSS2CWBA v13
F7210ZCU2CWCC v13
F7210ZSU2CWCC v13
F7210ZSS2CWD9 v13
F7210ZCU2CWE6 v13
F7210ZSU2CWE6 v13
F7210ZCS3CWG3 v13
F7210ZCU3DWH5 v13
F7210ZCU3EWL1 v14
F7210ZCS3EXA1 v14
F7210ZCS4EXA4 v14
F7210ZSS4EXAD v14
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Learn how to flash Samsung Z Flip4 SM-F7210:

  • Extract the Firmware F7210 By 7z or winrar You should get 5 files (BL-AP-CP-CSC-Home CSC).
  • Download Odin tool and USB Drivers.
  • Pit file (This file requires experience to use it).
  • Install Driver on PC or Laptop.
  • Reboot Phone in Download Mode (press Volume Down + Volume Up and connect the USB cable).
  • Open OdinTool and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin tool.
  • Add the files to BL - AP - CP - CSC
  • Do NOT tick any extra boxes. The only options to be ticked are F.Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.
  • Click the start button, and wait for Odintool to say 'PASS' in a GREEN box. Once the flash is complete, your mobile will reboot, and you can disconnect from the PC.

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