Remove reactivation lock Samsung Gear2

About reactivation lock protection (Samsung Gear2 verification bypass reactivation lock)

It is a special lock made by Samsung and developed by it that works to protect Samsung devices from theft and you can track the location of the device or the watch in case it is lost through this site Find My Samsung Phone
The lock is activated in the event of a factory reset, but what if you are the owner of the device or the watch, but you forgot your Samsung account or lost access to it, do not worry, we have the solution.
Remove reactivation lock Samsung Gear2

Supported devices for unlock reactivation lock Samsung Gear2

  • Remove reactivation lock Samsung Gear2
  • Remove reactivation lock SM-R380
Binary: We support all Binary protections.
OS: We support all versions of OS.

Requirements for successful completion of the service

1.Computer or laptop.
2.Install the latest version of the Samsung drivers.
3.Charging the device to 60% or more.
4.Using a usb cable is good for avoiding problems.

Service price and other details

Service price: Our prices suit everyone as the cost of the service is $..
Payment methods: Accept payment via Paypal or Payeer.
Time to complete the service: It will not exceed 30 minutes
How to request the service: You can request reactivation unlocking service for the Gear2 by contacting us