Unbrick Xiaomi 12 Lite (taoyao)

Unbrick Xiaomi 12 Lite (taoyao)

This service is not free and the price is high
This service is used to unbrick Xiaomi 12 Lite (taoyao) device
Unbrick Xiaomi 12 Lite (taoyao)

The problems can be fixed by installing the firmware

1. Unbrick the device from Fastboot Mode and EDL Mode.
2. Flash firmware via EDL mode only.
3. Unbrick Xiaomi device with lock bootloader.

Work requirements

1. PC or Laptop (Windows OS).
2. Good internet (Stable internet).
3. Find device Micloud status must be: OFF.
4. If Find device status: ON, you must order the account removal service Xiaomi 12 Lite
Service name
Unbrick Xiaomi Devices
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