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Boot A107F 10

We offer you Stock boot files effortlessly download the full firmware.
Boot files are used in, among other things, rooting the device to fix bootloop problems.

Very important notes: The boot file is used depending on the version and protection of the device you are using.
We update files and add any version or protection that Samsung offers.
These files are device specific A107F Android Q 10 version.
These files cannot be used on any other device even if the difference is only one character.

- Stock Boot Binary 5 (A107FXXU5BTCB)
- Stock Boot Binary 6 (A107FXXU6BTF1)
- Stock Boot Binary 7 (A107FXXS7BTI6)

Pay attention to the level of Binary Example:(U5, U6, S7) These protection details can be found in recovery mode or download mode.
Boot files can be flashed using the Odin tool.


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  1. Sir,,my phone binary is 6,,
    Plz help me...
    A107f version10 binary 6....

  2. is it okay to use Binary S7 on A107F U7 ?? will it work ?? can someone show me how to do it the right way ?? I tried to install it 10 times but it didn't work I followed every step on youtube video but it didn't work out for me


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