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Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G SM-N976XX

What is a PIT file?

These files are used with Samsung Android devices, These files process the internal memory of the Android device.
The hole files contain software lines for Samsung devices to split the device's internal memory.

The benefits of the pit file

1-Repair internal memory problems.
2-Solve the problems of flashing Samsung devices.
3-Recover the original device Memory size.

Important warning: You should download the PIT file according to your device model and check the last characters of the device.

How to flash pit file

1-Samsung drivers must first be installed Drives USB Galaxy.
2-Download Odin Tool.
3-Download the pit file according to your device model.
4-We run the Odin tool, From the Pit box we click on the hole option and select the file.
5-Boot the device in download mode, Connect the device to the computer.
6-In the end we press the start button.


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  1. hi will this fix the samsung new 2019 block to run combination firmware?
    error says "PLEASE GET THE APPROVAL TO USE FACTORY BINARIES (pit)" if not what can i do? thanks

    1. In case they protect KG Activated can not use combination firmware

    2. Hi I dont understand, what is KG, I am trying to do flash a combination firmware for this SM-N976V with odin but error message comes saying "please get the approval to use factory binaries (pit)" people online say is because new Samsung security for this new phones. How can i fix that error, will this pit file help me? My goal realy is to network unlock the phone , would you recommend me a solution to unlocking it? Thanks

    3. You can send us on Facebook to respond to your inquiry


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