How to flash huawei devices

There are several ways for Huawei devices to flash according to the device processor type.
In all sections firmware are:
1-Update: It is responsible for the operating system and device operation.
2-hw-meafnaf: It is the file responsible for secondary applications such as camera, keyboard and other applications.

Notes must be read carefully before starting the flashing process: In every flash, the directed region must be identical, and the operating version must be identical or higher, And in case you want downgrade to the operating version, there are firmware roll back.

Some meanings of regional orientation:
Version Firmware:BXXX

C00: China / C02: Europe Vodafone, German / C432: West Europe , France / C10: Russia, Europe / C185: Middle East & Africa , Latin America, There is a lot of regional orientation.

The types of processors Huawei uses:

The files required for flashing:
  • Huawei USB Drivers.
  • Firmware where you can find it on our website in the Huawei Firmware section.

Flashing methods:
1-Using a memory card (Upgrade mode):
-Features: It is a safe method for flashing, so that when using the wrong firmware, it rejects flashing.
-Defects: It takes a long time to flash.
After installing the drivers and downloading the appropriate firmware, then extracting the file will produce files, including a file called (UPDATE.APP), We create a new folder and rename it to dload then transfer a file UPDATE.APP to dload folder then move the folder to the memory card.
Turn off the device, then press the volume up and volume down key, then the power key, Flashing will start automatically.
2-Using a Fastboot:
This method requires a box that supports flashing via FastBoot like DC Phoenix.
-Defects: It is an unsafe method of flashing and may cause device death.
After installing the drivers and downloading the appropriate firmware, Boot the device into the FastBoot mode by the volume down key and the USB cable connection.
As we said earlier, this method requires one of the box that support flashing by FastBoot mode.