Z Flip SM-F700U1

What is the difference between 1 file firmware and 5 files:
It is known that when you download any firmware for your Galaxy device from sites known to download the firmware such as Sammobile, the firmware contains one file where it updates the Android operating system without deleting anything and the file is used by the Odin Tool in box AP.
But there are firmware of another type are characterized by being more comprehensive and larger containing four files and they are BL-AP-CP-CSC-CSC HOME, They are called several labels: Repair Firmware-Full Firmware-Factory Firmware-Factory Roms,These files are flashed by the Odin tool in the following order BL=BL_F700U1 - AP=AP_F700U1 - CP=CP_F700U1 - CSC/CSC_Home=CSC_F700U1.

What is the difference between CSC or CSC HOME:

CSC: It is the file responsible for the languages ​​of the device but when used it will delete all files on the device (lost data).
CSC HOME: It is the file responsible for the languages ​​of the device, but when used will not delete anything from the device (unformat).

Firmware Link
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  • F700U1UEU1ATAK / OYM1ATAK v10
  • F700U1UEU1ATAR / OYM1ATAR v10
  • F700U1UEU1ATBC / OYM1ATBC v10
  • F700U1UEU1ATD6 / OYM1ATD6 v10
  • F700U1UES1ATE3 / OYM1ATE3 v10
  • F700U1UES2ATG1 / OYM2ATG1 v10
  • F700U1UEU2BTGE / OYM2BTGE v10
  • F700U1UES2BTH7 / OYM2BTH7 v10
  • F700U1UES2BTI2 / OYM2BTI2 v10
  • F700U1UES2BTJ1 / OYM2BTJ1 v10
  • F700U1UES3BTK1 / OYM3BTK1 v10
  • F700U1UEU3CUA2 / OYM3CUA2 v11
  • F700U1UES3CUA3 / OYM3CUA3 v11
  • F700U1UEU3DUB6 / OYM3DUB6 v11
  • F700U1UEU3DUC7 / OYM3DUC7 v11
  • F700U1UEU4DUDB / OYM4DUDB v11
  • F700U1UES4DUE1 / OYM4DUE1 v11
  • F700U1UES4DUF1 / OYM4DUF1 v11
  • F700U1UEU4EUH6 / OYM4EUH6 v11
  • F700U1UES4EUI1 / OYM4EUI1 v11
  • F700U1UES4EUI2 / OYM4EUI2 v11
  • F700U1UEU4EUK1 / OYM4EUK1 v11
  • F700U1UES4EUL1 / OYM4EUL1 v11
  • F700U1UEU4FUL9 / OYM4FUL9 v12
  • F700U1UES4FVA1 / OYM4FVA1 v12
  • F700U1UES4FVAB / OYM4FVAB v12
  • F700U1UEU4GVC4 / OYM4GVC4 v12
  • F700U1UES4GVD2 / OYM4GVD2 v12
  • F700U1UEU4GVE9 / OYM4GVE9 v12

How To Flash F700U1
  • Download and install Samsung Driver USB.
  • Download the Odin tool 3.13 and then extract it.
  • Download the Firmware and extract it.
  • Download Pit file F700U1 depending on the problem of the device you have in case there are no problems in flashing do not use the file.
  • Open odin tool And from the BL box we choose the file BL=BL / AP=AP / CP=CP / CSC=CSC or CSC_HOME, What is the difference between the two files explained at the top.
  • Now boot the device into download mode with Volume Down + Volume Up and connect the Type-C USB cable to device.
  • Connect the device to the computer and press Start.
  • The process will take a few minutes so be patient and never disconnect the cable.
  • After the flash is finished, the device will automatically restart.
  • It will take about 10 minutes to boot the Android device so don't worry.
  • After the boot process is finished, the Setup Wizard will appear.
  • Complete the settings, Congratulations on successfully flashing the device.

You can always contact us in case you encounter any problems and we will be happy to answer you